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Enjoy the most famous variant of Baccarat, the Dragon tiger game online at Upstox Fast Line Book.

Live Dragon Tiger

The dragon tiger game online in India has become a popular game in the world, thanks to the speed of play and simplicity.

Here, you will enjoy the eight-deck live dragon tiger game with professional and real dealers.


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Dragon Tiger is a perfect combination of fun and thrill. The game is gaining popularity, and you try it out here.

We are committed to making your Dragon Tiger gaming experience smooth and unforgettable. Visit now.


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    Playing Dragon Tiger online is quite easy to pick up and understand. The Dragon betting position on the table receives one card, while the Tiger betting position receives one card. Both positions get their cards. The winning bet position is determined by which card is greater in value. As a player, you can place your bets on the Dragon, the Tiger, or the Tie.
    Predicting the dragon vs tiger game online is not an easy game, as you have to master the various strategies. Get the chance to be the next best player with these strategies- suit-based strategy, card-counting strategy, martingale strategy, know the ins and outs of the game, stick to the main bets, and more. Remember these to master.
    An additional side bet known as a “suited tie bet” may be placed on the Dragon and Tiger online game with the same rank and suit. If you have placed a bet on a suited tie and the game concludes in a suited tie, you will get a payout equal to half of the amount you wagered. In this scenario, the payout for a suited tie bet is fifty to one.

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